Make Your Meetings Proceed Smoothly

If you are an event planner for your organization, you will benefit from hiring quality sound and video production services because it allows you to focus on the other important aspects of your meeting. When you have a professional team of AV techs ready to fix any technical issue, then you don’t have to fix…

Remote Meetings

Recent events have forced a majority of employees to work from remote locations. AV Renthouse Inc. can help your company connect with its employees by providing video conferencing equipment and interfaces.

Wireless Microphones

AV Renthouse provides a variety of technology for productions and events including Shure ULXD wireless microphones.

Audio Production

Larger meetings and events require an audio system. You work hard to make sure your event has attendees and we make sure your attendees hear the result. AV Renthouse ensures that the sound equipment is tailored to the size of the space and that the audio is clear for all of the attendees.

How to Choose A Screen For Event Spaces

What size screen should I use? Screen size is important when deciding which video solution best suits your event. Room dimensions, video content, and the furthest viewer are factors to remember which will help optimize your attendees’ experience. While there are issues and exceptions that require thinking differently, the screen-size formula helps to solve them…

Production Services

As your organization’s event planner, you have a big list of things that need to be accounted for. You want to display a level of professionalism that requires focus and attention to detail. AV Renthouse Inc. offers advice for the technological aspects of events and meetings in New England allowing you to focus on the…

Web Streaming

Current technology allows event professionals to reach a wider audience by uploading live video footage of their presentations online. AV Renthouse brings you there by providing interfaces like the Blackmagic Web Presenter and the Shure X2U, which convert the video and audio signal to be sent over the internet via streaming software of your choice.

Event Production

Do you need to order AV equipment or speak to a technician about what you’ll need for your event? Fill in the information below and we can contact you to answer all of your questions.

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